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Goedecke & Co. provides loan servicing expertise to various lending institutions.   Our platform, while initially developed to meet the needs of our correspondent life insurance companies, is capable of providing customized servicing functions to the greater lending community.  From inception in 1999 the servicing portfolio has grown from 19 loans with one investor to 126 loans with 20 investors.  As of year-end 2017 the directly serviced portfolio included 103 loans totaling just over $1.16 billion.  The non-cashiering sub-servicing portfolio consisted of 23 loans totaling $343 million.

Goedecke’s servicing team is staffed by a team of experienced professionals skilled at managing all loan administration matters, from payment collection and remittance to asset management.  Our portfolio managers know each asset (and have very likely personally inspected it) as well as each borrower.

To lenders, we are their fiduciary.  Following each lender’s guidelines, we set up the necessary processes and procedures to manage their loans.  In addition to handling the day to day activity associated with a portfolio of loans, lenders can rely on our understanding of each set of loan documents along with our ability to conduct thoughtful analyses to make meaningful recommendations.

To borrowers, we are their primary point of contact; managing the administration of their loan, answering their questions and navigating/facilitating their requests.

Our four member team consists of the department head and three portfolio managers.  Both lenders and borrowers can expect to have two points of contact for each loan to ensure consistent and responsive service.  Annual property inspections for all directly serviced loans are not outsourced but are carried out by all Goedecke personnel, including producers and principals.

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